coach / bts+ social media / spring 2019

Cast portraits and details for Coach during the Spring 2019 campaign, shot for social media and POS assets.

Styled by Jane How, Hair by Paul Hanlon, Makeup by Diane Kendal

calvin klein jeans / bts+social media / fall 2018

Portraits of 37 cast members shot to the side of the fall 2018 print campaign. Used for social media and PR to promote the line.

Styling by Oliver Rizzo, Makeup by Lynsey Alexander, Hair by Anthony Turner.

living proof / brands campaign / 2018-2019

Principal photography for Living Proof, shooting models and hair styles for their Brand Identity. Shot in Los Angeles in 2018.

Styled by Elle Strauss, Hair by William Schaedler  + Leonard Manetti, Makeup by Valery Gherman, Sets by Wilmarose Orlanes.